March 29, 2017
March 29, 2017


Righteousness Realized goes far beyond the believer’s individual identity in Christ. It’s a conversation that brings healing to hurting humanity, reconciling us to God and with others. Isaiah 58 is a powerful insight about experiencing freedom and healing, and it comes when we change the way we treat others. Righteousness and Justice are linked together at a very personal (and even interpersonal) level, and we need to hear from the Lord on how we can minister mercy and justice in order realize the true Righteousness that is available in Christ.

Apostle John: If we hate our brothers, how can we pretend to love the Lord? We cannot.

This video is a great conversation by itself, but it also serves as a case study for the Praying Core as well. The Native Americans (First Americans) have been mislabeled as a non-conforming community when they terribly suffered the wounds of broken promises and more. The way the Church is being required to repent and reconcile with this community is a good step in the right direction, but this response is just a signpost in a much longer journey towards Righteousness Realized. Jesus gave us a clear roadmap to see “righteousness exalt a nation,” and it comes when we allow the Blood of Jesus to cleanse us of all unrighteousness, and become the stronger bond of love between so many dividing lines.

I want to call to your attention the analogy of the River. If we stop, what happened before us will be as though it did not exist. This can be applied to so many different things, from our Nation’s values and purpose, or even our praying culture’s story and history with the Lord. While the Lord knows our labor of love, He intends to continue what He started until completion, which is clearly marked by His own appearing. No, we are not finished, and America’s destiny is not final (or fatal). We must continue, and we must be will to reconcile with all our brothers in order to do that.

Also, listen to the evils that were actually exported from America. Those mindsets came from Darwinism and Marxism, which are the grandfather frameworks of much of American arrogance today! It’s ridiculous to think that Hitler took cues from America to do anything harmful to the Jewish people, and yet history has connected those dots.

My point is that the men talking together in this conversation offer a clear remedy from Scripture, which is to repent and be reconciled by the Blood of Christ. Most people don’t get along, let alone people groups, but that’s the reality that Jesus fleshes out when His Righteousness is fully realized. It doesn’t just affect our human experiences, but it rewrites the human narrative into a mosaic message of Jesus’ wonderful ability to bring brokenness into restoration and beauty.