March 29, 2017
GET PLANTED: How To Start Praying TODAY
March 31, 2017


People love marines! They are an epic force to be reckoned with. At a recent stadium event, 2 marine heroes described a war scene. You listen and think: How do they even know to do all that? While they are a rare breed, they were trained to handle and enormous variety of scenarios head on.

As a praying culture, and church, we need to intentionally train our people to be prepared for greater works! There is a difference between teaching and training. (I’d like to clarify that difference by saying Explain and Train.) Explain the process, then Train the person. With timeless information and personal insight, how they did or what they can do better at, each believer will become fully functioning in the Body. Read Ephesians 4 for more…

Training must be intentional, yet relational. Everyone needs the basics, but that’s it. With a foundation, we must build the specific gifts and callings.

In short, imagine a large-group “boot camp,” which directs everyone into Core functions for further training…

What if we emphasized 3 levels of training…

1. Intentional Training – basic “boot camp” stuff
2. Training in Teams – specific functions
3. Training Teams – Training teams of Trainers

This is vital. Beyond more followers, we need fully functioning believers. We cannot just teach believers how to live their lives; we must train them into teams that can mobilize Others in all fields of life.