Columbus Plant
September 26, 2017
What’s Happening At The Columbus Plant?
September 26, 2017

How To Practice His Presence

One of the first books on “prayer” that I got a hold of was called “Practicing the Presence” by Brother Lawrence. He was a French monk who lived a simple life and wrote letters to his friends. Those letters were turned into an amazing book, which got a hold of me!

What does it mean to “practice” the Presence? Does it mean we have to get better at praying before God answers us? Does it mean that our spirituality is something we can master? In short, not really.

You’ll have to read the book for yourself, but the big idea behind practicing His Presence is simply becoming aware of who God is and what He is saying and doing. And you don’t level up like a video game. This is a life-long practice – enjoying Jesus.

The most Christ-like are the most Christ-minded. 

We all agree that there are tons of distractions out there. Unfortunately, our minds and hearts drift from one problem to the next, and from one passion to the other. Keeping our mindset on the Lord is an everyday decision, which adds up to a¬†discipline that enriches our lives. It’s not a rule, or goal, but a new normal.

Mediation is big because people realize how important it is to focus – or channel themselves – on the right thing. The difference here is that meditation is all about emptying yourself (your mind, etc), which leaves you open for anything to come in. Practicing His Presence is about filling yourself with more and more of the Lord. Come, Holy Spirit!

Another phrase that fits this idea – of practicing His Presence – is “Abiding.” It comes from places in the Bible like John 15, so look it up later. The neat thing about “abiding” in Christ is the “fruitfulness” that comes from it. As we simply “abide” in Him, we cannot help but “abound” for Him. In short, abiding brings abounding.

On October 6, we’re planting ourselves in Columbus again to practice His Presence together! It’s always a highlight, and we want you to be a part. Ask a friend involved for the details, and we’ll see you there!