March 29, 2017


The Gospel makes me more human, not less, and develops my senses IN RIGHTEOUSNESS – and or unto Righteousness Realized.

Our world has big questions, but they stem from just one: What does it mean to be human? Imagine if we could gather some of the brightest thinkers and most insightful learners to make space for a catalytic conversation about the implications of Christ’s humanity as the Image of God redeemed, and the applications of the Church’s humanity as the Mission of God revealed.

Let’s aim at the people of the world, and search out the things that make us all more human, and not less. We could bring others in, asking a simple question: What does it mean to be human? Who is the best human the world knows of? How can we renew our view of our shared humanity in order to reimagine our world for the good?

Leaders from every nation are searching for clues, let alone conclusions, to abolish the ignorance in our world today. All of it comes down to is the way we contextualize the human narrative. Thankfully, God came in person, in the person of Jesus, to represent the human race with grace once and for all.

Instead of calling it a theological think tank, what if we simply identify how the Gospel makes us – all of us – more human, and not less….