Originally, some students at Texas Bible Institute wanted to see a “prayer culture” on their campus, and planted themselves in hidden places to see it happen. With faith and patience, Jesus answered those simple prayers, and reproduced their passion into others who would become a part of something even bigger than they ever imagined.     Although those first few have all graduated, like a seed, that idea of being a “prayer culture” has become a fruit-full identity that’s still going on campus many years later and growing in unexpected places through the TBI alumni base!     Today, we’re an organic prayer network that continues to grow locally and stay connected online. As TBI Alumni launch out, they keep praying wherever they end up being planted, such local churches, university campuses, familiar communities or foreign countries.   Practically, we organize organically - gathering monthly, and scattering weekly. Everything is student-led and home-grown thanks an overlapping leadership structure. There’s no patent on prayer, but we do use a shared pattern that allows us to stay relationally aligned, even when we’re not in the same location. With it, we’re able to engage more cultures with the Gospel, and enjoy answered prayers together.